User Guidelines - Property Owner / Agent

At NVG group, each user should know the terms and conditions well enough to proceed and get the best services.If your wish to become a successful person with NVG group, you have to know the user guidelines professionally.

  1. It is the important notification to all users not to post any land property ads without proper verification and hence they can not violate the law regulation.

  2. You should behave like a punctual and professional and it should show in your attitude and disciplinary manner.

  3. It is noted to post 4 images with property and latest photos with clear image. With according market standards price tag.

  4. Aftermath the posting of the photos our admin will call you and ask you to explain the details of property clear.

  5. User must should post the property road images.

Buyer Guidelines

NVG is the trusted and legitimate land property provider, and therefore you can rely on their promised words and buy land as per your online affordability. Without legal verification and paperwork,

you don’t need to pay any substantial amount. After verification, you can only proceed with your payments, and the NVG group believes that clients' investments should go profitably.

NVG group is willing to help you out in your search for ideal land and promises to provide land that are in high demand in real estate niches.

If your lawyer focuses on other property lands apart from legal work proceedings, you don’t need to believe those lawyers.
You agree only NVG lawyer who ensures you get the best budget-friendly land successfully.

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